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Perception is Perspective

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Meet Michael John

Entrepreneur,  Social Engineer, Bodyguard and

 Motivational Speaker

 My dream was to always help people, and it's easy to see that behind the many jobs I've held over the years.  It's something about putting a smile on someone's face or hearing how much you've impacted their lives that keeps me going.  I figured people do not have a problem making money but they do have an issue saving and leveraging it.

 The other big problem is people's belief that they can't do better in life but they can with little to no capital to start.  If you change your perception than you will always have a better perspective; paradigm shifts is where life's winners are found.


 My Goal over the next few months is to turn the "Average Person" into Six Figure earning entrepreneur by helping people full time on their jobs and part-time on their fortune. My Free system will help you Travel, Invest and Retire comfortably in the next 3-5 years if utilized correctly. 

5 years in 5 minutes

Hear it From Them

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“This system has changed my life completely. With the help and mentorship of Michael John, I was able to create a passive & residual stream of income, which has changed my life. This system has allowed me to buy back my time. Implementing this strategy, I was able to leave the country for the very first time ever in my life!! If it wasn’t for the system and Michael John I wouldn’t be where I am today."

Johnny Delgato



“I’ve been utilizing this platform for over 8 months now and it’s not only changed my life financially but has also changed my mentality towards entrepreneurship and wealth creation. I’ve been able to not only buy my dream car but learn how to trading in the forex market with consistency and confidence! ”

KJ Campbell

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“Kuvera has truly blessed me and has allowed me the opportunity to dream big and I owe my success and utmost gratitude to Mr. Michael John who introduced me to this platform some time ago.  I was always the big ego, small bank account type of girl and really never focused on the bigger picture. My past had always been dead-end jobs, and being a single mother I never ever focused on becoming financially free.  Now I have the ability to to make money from the comfort of my smartphone with little to no experience which has completely changed my entire outlook on life.  To have learned how to find, keep and grow my money is a skill that I can keep for the rest of my life. I can never ever stop thanking Michael from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the chance to grow with him and the amazing new team and extremely knowledgeable mentors.  Can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”

Stephanie Winter

Women In Power/ Entreprenuer


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